Rules and Character Creation

Allowed Rule Books A-Z:

If you wish to use a book not on the list than simply ask me, the DM.
If you ever are confused on if you can use this or that, again simply ask.

  • Arms and Equipment Guide
  • Book of Erotic Fantasy
  • Complete Adventurer
  • Complete Arcane
  • Complete Champion
  • Complete Divine
  • Complete Mage
  • Complete Scoundrel
  • Complete Warrior
  • Deities and Demigods
  • Dungeon Master’s Guide
  • Dungeon Master’s Guide II
  • Magic Item Compendium
  • Manual of the Planes
  • Monster Manual
  • Monster Manual II
  • Monster Manual III
  • Monster Manual IV
  • Monster Manual V
  • Miniatures Handbook
  • <stronghold>
  • Spell Compendium

We will be starting at level 2 and doing a Standard Point buy (pg. 169 of the DMG) for ability sores.

Here is a point buy calculator for easy calculation: LINK

About 2 months ago each of the groups characters individually applied/signed up/volunteered for a mysterious job offer. The job description was quiet vague and lacking in any details. The pay offered how ever was very good. Your character may or may not have caught that the job itself was working for the Imperial government, a detail easily missed.

How your character learned of this strange offer is up to you, be it from a friend, co worker, word of mouth, letter, pamphlet, etc. You are expected to come up with a plausible source and reason why your character applied for the job be it for the money/patriotism/espionage(talk to me if you want this to be the reason)/etc and be prepared to share it at the beginning of the first game session.

After applying your characters heard nothing what so ever about the job again. until suddenly when your character finds them self alone/vulnerable/etc they are blacked bagged and taken away by force. What your character was doing before and leading up-to the abduction is up to you to, you will also be required to share this at the beginning of the first game session.

Your character can know, know of, be aware of, or be related to, each other.

Be sure to look thoroughly through the entire wiki please.

  • The Game is DnD 3.5
  • Base Races Only Except Yuan-ti
  • Starting at Lvl 2
  • Level 1 base gold
  • Standard Point Buy
  • All character must have been a resident of the Magus Imperium for at least 6 months up to the present time.

if there is anything questions you have simply ask!

Eye Color:
Skin Tone/Shade:
Hair Colour:
Inspiration: (the thing that is driving them)
Story Hook:

If you want to play a Yuan-ti then here is the playable version:

Yuan-Ti, no LA
2 Dexterity, (2 Intelligence), +2 Charisma.
—Medium size.
—A yuan-ti’s base land speed is 30 ft. (6 squares), climb 20 ft.
, swim 20 ft.*
—Darkvision out to 60 feet.
—Racial Feats: A yuan-ti pureblood’s monstrous humanoid
levels give it one of two feats. Yuan-ti receive Alertness or Blind-Fight as bonus feats even if they do not meet the normal requisites.
1 natural armor bonus.
—A Yuan-Ti with a Charisma score of 11 or higher can cast Detect Poison 3/day as a spell like ability. The DC is 10
the Yuan-Ti’s character level + Cha modifier.
—Automatic Languages: Yuan-ti, Common. Bonus Languages:
Abyssal, Draconic.
—Favored Class: Ranger, (Pureblood. Halfblood), Cleric (Abomination)
—Level adjustment +0
Pureblood only. Purebloods also gain a +5 bonus on Disguise checks to appear as a human.
Abomination only. Due to being the only form with a tail, abominations gain additional speed types as well as immunity to being tripped.

Rules and Character Creation

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