The World

It is the 400th year of the 7th era, and the mists grow ever stronger.

Currently in the present day world things have of course gone down hill. The world it self is dying, slowly consumed by the Fade Mists, a mysterious phenomena that decays and fades all it touches, Entire Cities and towns have been abandoned in its wake. On the 1st map in the areas covered in gray are those currently under the Mists influence.

Several of the nations of the world have been struggling with how to escape, slow or stop the mists. The mists them selves have a hard time traversing mountains and large bodies of water, but that only slows them down.

Now some back ground on the nations.

The Magus Imperium: Is a magetocracy which means that practically all positions of authority with in in the government as well as all noble houses is dominated by mages, those without magical talent are discouraged from attempting to clime the political social ladder. those with out magic are made up of entirely peasants, knights, and most other martial classes. The Imperium once ruled over the lands that are now Elendor and The Deas Republic. Currently sitting the Sunburst throne is Emperor Adrian VII at the age of 93. Consisting of 6 Provinces, it is larger empire that has begun to show the wear and tare of an eleven-hundred year old legacy, after loosing the Provincial Wars 20 years ago to Elendor and The Deas Republic the signs of age and corruption have become even more apparent. From the Emperor now in advanced age and lack of vitality to his 4 children who seem more worried about back stabbing each other and claiming the throne than the welfare of the Imperium. The 4 next in line to it the Imperial Sunburst throne are Princess Justinia III, Prince Galahad the Bold, Prince Marcellus II and Prince Tymieon IIII. Each of the emperors children have reign over one of each of the 6 provinces.

Justinia has domain of the smallest province reigning from the City of Fonns. Even though it is the smallest of the provinces it is perhaps the richest (besides the Imperial City Province) in mercantile and maritime trade due to the provincial capitols location above the mouth of the Imperial Sea.

Prince Galahad rules over the northern province from his seat in the iron fortress that is the city Aerius. Consisting Mainly of the Chasind Wilds, this province is wild and untamed. The wilds hold many dangers including bandits, tribes of Orcs and many other hazards.

Prince Marcellus sits in reign of the southern province bordering the Elven kingdom of Mal-Alder. a beautiful forested province it is full of ancient elven culture and history. He rules from the former elven city of Terra formerly known as Telanadas in Elven.

Prince Tymieons seat of power is in the eastern province and the golden city of Ardor. It is considered the gate way to the eastern side of the continent as well as the gateway into the heart of the empire. It is the first place immigrants from the east pass through.

Elendor: A Monarchy, Headed by the Half Elf, High Queen, Alexia, it fought for its freedom from the Imperium 20 years ago in the Provincial wars. It’s doing it’s best to cope with the influx of refugees from the north attracted by the building of the Fade Wall. The Fade Wall project is a massive collaborative building effort to try to create some for of defense again the encroaching mists. The wall is being built to a scale perhaps never seen before and will encompass the entire lake Nomin area being hundreds of feet tall and hundreds of miles long. Many see this as a hopeless endeavor, but it doesn’t stop the building

The Deas Republic: The Blessed Republic of the People of the Divine Prophet Deas, commonly referred to as The Deas Republic or simply as The Republic, is a Theological Parlimentary Republic and the only known republic in the developed world. Smaller than its neighbors it is fiercely isolationist, independent and staunchly anti magic. Unfortunately this has lead to being neither ethnically nor racially diverse, as most of the non human’s have emigrated out of its borders. They hold a especially strong hatred of the Magus Imperium, and have gone so much as far to blame them from the fade mists.

Valieyard: A quiet Monarchy built on the backs of silver merchants its king is Desmond Avon, it has 5 internal provinces ruled over by dukes, it is a land of peaceful orchards and quiet folk but also home to a thriving patronage system dedicated to the arts and beauty. The people are know to be quiet open in many ways. It helped Elendor and the Republic in their rebellions during the the Provincial Wars. With the fade mists slow encroachment Valieyard as seen an huge influx of refugees.

Kaldrfjell: A cold northern nation it has an old traditional Monarchy. They too helped with the rebellions against the Imperium. The people left there have lost alot of spirit as their homes are consumed by the mists, the original capitol was lost to the mists. Not much hope is left for this dieing nation.

Rhun: A land of cool highlands and mountains it has a system of Clans. Though the mists are on their front door, they do not fear them. They assume the mountains will keep them safe. They have recently been struck with a devastating plague of unknown origin, it has effectively shut down the county as a whole

Naggrund: Home of the Dwarves they have a confusing political system based upon Large Familys that rule over large section of the mountains. Feeling safe in there halls the nobles have done nothing about the Mists, even though they slip slowly through the north.

Mortathar: The Isolated Home of the Elves. It is ruled over by their beloved queen, Vanwa-Ellen and her 5 sons. She and her First Son rule from Orod’Tal while her 4 other sons rule from their own cities. With the Fade mists far from their shores, they feel as if they have enough time to plan and strategy to stop it. Separate from their Malalder cousins they are seen as more subtle and temperate but also more secretive.

Malalder: Almost in opposite to Mortathar, Malalder is ruled by the Elvin King Adaron, close allies with the Imperium they stayed out of the Provincial wars causing a bit of strain on the political ties. They are seen as more Haughty and Flamboyent then their Mortathar cousins, the people of Malalder are also more likely to look down upon Half Elves as inferior than their cousins.

Mecanime: Once the homeland of the Gnomes. It was a place of massive engineering feats of beauty and clockwork, it has been utterly consumed by the wastes displacing the entire surviving population. Alas the Imperium was not kind to the refuges who have been for the most part regulated to Ghettos in the larger cities, reduced by an large to a beggar population. The Gnomes of the ghettos tend to keep to themselves

The Yuan-Ti of Maki-sen-Ryū : Unlike their evil cousins, the Yuan-Ti of Maki-sen Ryu are a more peaceful, though the Temple still holds high significance in their daily lives. Their homeland was once one of blossoming trees and high towers.

Over Twenty years ago ,Maki-sen Ryu, across the Sinder ocean was fully consumed by the Fade Mists. Those left, fled across the ocean, haveing herd tales of a fertile, exotic land. Alas all was not so, for when they first Docked in Elendor, the people there assumed it was an invasion! Several on both sides were killed in this first contact, before both sides excepted that neither was truly hostile.

After that things did not go much better as more of their refugees pored into docks across the region the already strained relations grew even more so. They were relegated to the slums of most cities or used as cheap labor out on farms and plantations. Soon the Yuan-Ti were put to work on the Fade Wall.

Though the racism against them is strong, there are those who see that the Yuan-ti are not going anywhere anytime soon, and well, cooperation with them would be better in these dark times. Of course those types of opinions are not expressed entirely in the open.

Of course there are Yuan-ti who have, when given the chance, succeeded, in this new land. Perhaps giving some hope to their brothers and sisters.

The Yuan-ti have their own gods considered by most theologians to simply be variations on the 4 Golden goddesses. They are:

  • Yue: Goddess of the moon. She is a Variation on Nomin
  • Amater Goddess of the Sun she is a variation on Val
  • Sakuya Goddess of the dawn she is a variation on Fea
  • Shi Goddess of Twilight she is a variation on Lith

they have one other goddess in their pantheon Inari, mother of the cosmos and the four other goddesses. She is a symbol of fertility and universal creation.

List of Eras:

Era Name Number of Years
First Era Anoron Era 1,000,000 years
Seconed Era Angrenic Era 6,000 years
Third Era Unification Era 400 years
Fourth Era Trianic Era 10,000 years
Fifth Era Decline Era 2000 years
Sixth Era Aquarian Era 700 years
Seventh Era Common Era 400 years

Name of the Months:

Month Name Number of Days
January Winter’s Hand 31
February Dawn’s Breath 28
March Morning’s Glory 31
April Rain’s Hand 30
May Harvest’s Seed 31
June Midyear 30
July Summer’s Hand 31
August First Harvest 31
September Summer Set 30
October Last Harvest 31
November Dusk’s Fall 30
December Winter’s Breath 31

The World

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